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Unnamed father, unnamed mother, Mema (grandmother), unnamed grandfather, Dee Dee Peters (aunt), John Cox (uncle)

Michael Tyler Kittrell (born October 30, 1992), better known as Michael Copper or by his username CopperCab, is the titular protagonist of the channel of the same name, CopperCabRS, CopperVision, CabStepHollywood Hillbillies, and Good Evening, CopperCab, the deuteragonist of MemasWorld and IrenicHippyKin. He is one of Mema's grandsons, Lauren Landrum and Karah's ex-boyfriend, one of John Cox and Dee Dee Peters' nephews, and Aubrey's brother.

In August 2016, Michael came out as a transgender woman under the name Claire Kittrell.


A video maker, former YouTube partner, and "director"[citation needed] who is a practicing Christian, Michael is best known for appearing in his first CopperCab video "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!".
CopperCab House Google Maps

Michael's house in Grayson Parkway, Grayson, Gwinnett, Georgia

His home address is 597 Grayson Parkway, Grayson, Gwinnett, Georgia 30017.

Michael enjoys expressing himself and his feelings and opinions. He is continuously called a "fat ginger" due to his red hair and freckles. Michael usually goes into fits of rage over this. He has even stated he doesn't care what they say and will continue to make videos whenever and however he wants to and if he feels like doing so. Michael also said he is proud of his hair and being a "ginger". However, people have claimed he must not be too proud and is a "hypocrite" as he has complained about people constantly calling him a ginger, which he has a severe dislike for and is one of his pet peeves; however, he still refers to himself as one. In response, Michael stated in "YOU KNOW WHAT!!" that he feels if black people and Mexicans can call themselves anything they want, he also has the right to do so, but no one else can. Another accusation of him being a hypocrite is in "VIDEO GAMES KILL PEOPLE," in which he told people not to play violent games as they rot their brains out and desensitize them to harming and murdering people in reality, believing there would be nothing wrong with it. He also expressed his belief that the reason for so many recent wars is due to violent video games, such as Call of Duty, Rage, and Batman. However, shortly thereafter, Michael was seen playing his favorite game RuneScape, which had characters attacking each other in battle. As well, Michael is accused of being a hypocrite for claiming to be a Christian and then saying he is proud of his hair and has said in one episode of Hollywood Hillbillies that he is lucky. Another accusation of Michael being a hypocrite was in "YOU GET IN THE KITCHEN!!", when he said that people shouldn't call women bitches, but in "SHE WASNT MY FIRST," Michael sang the line, "I had a bitch for a while, her name was Missy." Other accusations of his "hypocrisy" could also be how he hates people following trends, but it was believed he was doing the same thing in "HOLLYWOOD HILLBILLIES ALS CHALLENGE."

When he loses his temper and screams, Michael usually spits at the camera by accident. People have criticized Michael for this and post sarcastic comments on his videos, such as feeling "remorse" for the camera and being afraid of Michael trying to "eat" the camera during his rants. As well, they claim to feel bad for his dogs as when they bark, he occasionally shouts at them to be quiet. When he does, they usually keep barking at things as they are zoned out, so Michael simply ignores them.

CopperCab Licking Lips

Michael licking his lips

Another one of his habits is almost always licking his lips (especially whenever he would rage), but this could be a nervous reaction. Sometimes, Michael doesn't seem to blink his eyes. This has made a majority of people criticize him for this as well and he responded in "YOU KNOW WHAT!!" by blinking his eyes in an exaggerated, rapid manner and telling the haters he can blink. His well-known condition is that his eyes would occasionally roll or make him appear cross-eyed.

Michael has a pet peeve of people calling him an actor (and, at one point, a "wizard") since he keeps telling them he is not one and has even asked once in the CopperVision video "I'M WORRIED.." why he would act anyway and calls some of the people stupid for making him out to be something he isn't since they do not personally know him or what he has been through in his life. However, the only time he has ever acted (for the most part) was in "SEARCH FOR THE DRAGON!! ( COMEDY SKIT!! ) LINK TO CARTOON IN DESCRIPTION," but only because everyone wanted to call him an actor and he was tired of hearing it all the time. As well, in "I'M WORRIED..", Michael has even told the haters to stop calling him a "wizard" and was confused and outraged by it.

He used to be enemies with IshatOnU, who has asked Michael to make a video why redheads are so special (as revealed in "ATTENTION HATERS!!") and Michael told him he will make the video for him soon. However, only one came and the other one did not. IshatOnU also said he really likes Michael and was just trolling him and confirms they have stopped fighting and became friends, ending their rivalry.

Michael has a deep hatred for South Park due to the creators criticizing and making fun of people, especially redheads (whom they have also made evil when Michael said that the South Park people were the true evil ones). He mostly despises the bashing of redheads, especially after he begged them to stop, they proceeded to make a spoof of Michael doing his video "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!". This was revealed in "DEAR SOUTHPARK..", in which Michael complained about this and scolded South Park since he had previously begged them to stop making fun of redheads, but was ignored and bashed by the creators yet again. This made Michael all-the-more determined to put an end to the mockery and hatred against redheads.

CopperCab Karate

Michael performing Karate

He claimed in "MICHAEL COPPER DATING PROFILE 1" that he can do Karate after Mema suggested he tell it to the viewers. However, Michael ended up messing up on a certain move, making him exclaim in exasperation, "God!". In the same video, Michael said that his favorite hobbies are horseback riding, "shark back riding", mountain climbing, skydiving, drawing, and sometimes playing ping-pong.

Once, Michael has stated that he drives a 1987 YUGO.

He has a liking for twerking, as revealed in "I CAN TWERK," and he stated that since he has been recently looking up instructional videos that show him how to twerk, he says he is probably one of the best. As well, Michael tells people to shout out to Miley Cyrus (whom he, at first, was about to call "Hannah Montana" by accident) for her twerking skills. Afterwards, Michael asked people to send him more videos teaching him how to twerk so he can improve every time he practices; as well, he curses at them if they do not like it and dares them to do better.

Michael used to love FLCL, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Totoro, and a lot of those movies by an amazing Asian filmmaker. He once said that his favorite "anime" in the world is My Little Pony (he added that he was kidding, but he does enjoy the series).

Michael has his own Facebook,[1] Twitter,[2] Myspace,[3] and Instagram account,[4] which he has also mentioned in his videos' descriptions. However, every time he has created new Facebook accounts, the haters would report him to the Facebook site, claiming he has been harassing them (which is false), and have him banned, thus shutting his account down. Michael has always been aware of this and got angrier every time they would remove it; this prompted him to respond to them in his videos, telling them to stop removing his Facebook accounts, though they keep ignoring him. Once, in "I'M BACK!!", after Michael announced he made another Facebook, he added that if the trolls spam it with hate, he will delete it and tells them they better not. However, they spammed it anyway and forced Michael to remove it like he said. Sometime in June 2012, Michael has released a final Facebook account:, as revealed in "A LITTLE ABOUT ME + VIDCON 2012,"[5] and he shouted at the haters not to go there and to stop reporting and banning him for no good reason. In "MICHAEL COPPER DATING PROFILE 1," Michael has released his other Facebook account: (as revealed in the description). On August 25, 2015, Michael released his current Facebook account: (as revealed in one of his comments).

He was ranked "#99 - Most Subscribed (This Week) - Directors" on CopperCab.

On January 21, 2014, Michael got his own reality series titled Hollywood Hillbillies, in which he, Mema, and his entire family move from Georgia to Los Angeles, California.[6] In the series, he is once again the main protagonist and starts a career of becoming a rapper.

On June 11, 2014, Michael's first rap video "Gingerbread" was released.

In "DEAR COPPERCAB SUPPORTERS," he announced that he had 7 or 8 songs made.

On January 23, 2015, Michael's second rap video "I'm Just Sayin'" was released.

On March 9, 2015, Michael's third rap video "Hotel Parties" was released.

On September 26, 2015, Michael announced he was getting engaged for the first time to Karah and that he was due to be married on February 14, 2016. However, on November 21, 2015, Michael announced on his Twitter account that he discovered Karah in bed with someone, thus cheating on him. He added not to expect a rant video from him about the topic.

On October 13, 2015, Michael released his first (and final) song "Snow Shoes."

On May 17, 2016, Michael stated on his Twitter account that an hour ago, he and Mema almost died when they got caught in a head on collision with a car that jumped the median and headed straight for them; he added that since he was leaning against the passenger side car door, it looked like it was deliberately targeting them.

On August 1, 2016, Michael announced that he had not made videos for 5 months because he has been going to HRT since he has now become transgender, going by the name Claire.

Early life

Michael was born Michael Tyler Kittrell in Grayson, Georgia on October 30, 1992 to William Roy and Elecia Lynn Kittrell (née Peters). At age 12, he lost his mother and his father ran away from home due to him being addicted to pills. He attended Grayson High School.[7][8]

Throughout his life, Michael has been extremely poor. Luckily, he and his family aren't as poor as they used to be due to his father's assistance. This is revealed by Michael himself in "COME PARTY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

In January 2014, on the set of Hollywood Hillbillies, Michael and his family moved away from their hometown in Georgia and went to Los Angeles, California.



CopperCab Gingers Do Have Souls

Michael, as he first appeared in "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!"

Michael created his CopperCab channel on January 14, 2010. His most popular video is "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!", in which he was 17 years old.

Since he first posted it, the channel has been overrun by trolls. Eventually, Michael took notice of this and, in response, posted "ATTENTION HATERS!!" on January 19, in which he delivered a message to all the haters on YouTube and demanded they stop trolling him and not tell him that he cannot make videos since he can if he wants, just like everyone else on YouTube; as well, he addresses IshatOnU, telling him he will soon make a video request for him on the reason redheads are special.

To this day, most people still persistently harass Michael on all of his channels and everywhere he goes, stalking him. Continuously, he responded to hate comments on his channel in the videos he makes, thus getting the attention of more trolls and making things worse. As well, all of his videos in his channels get mostly voted dislikes than voted likes from people on YouTube.


Michael created his CopperCabRS channel on January 10, 2011.


CopperVision Michael

Michael, as he appears in CopperVision

Michael created his CopperVision channel on April 18, 2011. His most popular video in the channel is "Give Michael his account back."

This channel also gets hateful comments, with people still harassing Michael.


Michael created his CabStep channel on June 11, 2011.

Hollywood Hillbillies

Hollywood Hillbillies Michael Copper Reelz Channel

Michael, as he appears in Hollywood Hillbillies

Michael signed on to star in his Hollywood Hillbillies reality series on January 21, 2014.

Good Evening, CopperCab

Michael announced his Good Evening, CopperCab Internet talk show in October 2015. However, it was not brought up again afterwards.


Throughout his videos, Michael claims to be an intelligent, sweet-matured, talented, nice, outgoing person, but says that the viewers have to get to know him before judging so they can see the truth. However, he can go into fits of rage if people talk bad about him or send him hateful comments, such as calling him a "fat ginger". Even so, Michael says he doesn't care if they try to put him down and disgrace him (since he said in "YOU KNOW WHAT!!" that it will never work) and he will always make videos no matter what — even if they tell him to stop making them or if they continue to hate on him. Once, he told trolls online not to call him a ginger since he is not one, but a redhead.

Another issue about Michael is when he announces he intends to make new videos on CopperCab every week and on CopperVision everyday, he never seems to keep his word most of the time, either due to other things turning up or Michael simply deciding not to do it after all. This has caused people to comment, fighting with Michael for breaking his promises and accusing him of lying. Michael has replied to these comments before as when he said his rap video is coming out soon in "GINGERS AREN'T A RACE??" and then told the haters not to call him a liar since he isn't. In 2010, when Michael barely started his channel, he used to stick to his word and post videos every week or so, as he has said. So far, the only time Michael hasn't promised to make new videos was in "STOP OR ELSE," in which he told people not to call him a liar if he doesn't upload it since it doesn't mean that he didn't post it on his channel yet.

One of his traits is whenever he spits on the camera lens when screaming, he occasionally puts the camera down and wipes the lens with his shirt.

Despite his genuine kindness, people have claimed that Michael is the "true" antagonist of his videos as he repeatedly has severe anger problems and becomes extremely bad-tempered, violent, foul-mouthed, and a bit mean and somewhat disobedient at times as well. Other comments have even said that Michael is really an Internet troll and that he only fakes his anger problems to get more money and video views from YouTube. In response to these comments, Michael denies these rumors and has tried to prove that everything he does is obviously not staged, as well as that he doesn't do videos for money.

He is a hardcore RuneScape fan and has played the game since March 2001. In the video "PARTYHATS FOR EVERYONE," he said he even has a tape of him playing the game for the first time back then and proceeded to insult children about it, telling them he knows they might not know what a tape is and calls them "little ignorant f**ks." In the same video, he has stated he is a fan of party hats, especially white ones. Due to this (and many other times in which Michael has complained about things), a lot of people are convinced that Michael is really a racist; however, he states otherwise and in "ST. PATRICKS DAY IS RACIST!!!!", he said he is the least racist man in the world.

Sometimes, Michael argues with Mema, as seen in a few of his videos. Despite this, they have an extremely close, loving relationship as Mema is the one who raised him. In one interview of Hollywood Hillbillies with Mema, she said that although Michael is smart, he is a know-it-all. She then explains that from an early age, she took in Michael and "turned him into a nightmare" by spoiling him.

In "MICHAEL COPPER DATING PROFILE 1," it is revealed that Michael is an animal lover.

On January 6, 2013, he and his girlfriend Lauren got into a feud over Michael apparently cheating on Lauren and going out with another girl, which made Lauren feel betrayed and jealous and repeatedly message Michael about it in an upset rage. However, she secretly misses and loves him as she keeps bringing it up and even made a video on her channel titled "Solitary Man - Johnny Cash cover by IrenicHippyKin." It is currently unknown whether or not Michael and Lauren will get back together.


  • Michael is constantly referred to as a troll by the haters, which is false.
  • It is currently unknown who Michael's parents are, though he has rarely mentioned them.
  • Michael is 6'2" and 230 lbs.
  • His true surname is Kittrell, despite him claiming it to be Copper. This made people believe this was just a stage name he had used on YouTube. Many theories have appeared suggesting that Michael's surname is Faggabon (a name created by haters), Peters, or Hughes. However, Michael could have decided to change his surname Kittrell to Copper instead (but still prefers to go by his birth name).
  • Michael's favorite food is taco salad.
  • In "I MIGHT BE DEAD!!", Michael told the viewers that if he doesn't have a video up by a week from now, he is either dead, a zombie, or might running from one right now. Afterwards, he did not post a new video on CopperCab a week later and this caused everyone to believe he was dead and got turned into a zombie. That is until when "DEAR POTHEADS" was posted on July 19, 2012; in the same video, Michael notes that he doesn't think there was a zombie apocalypse.
  • On February 5, 2013, Michael guest-starred on Tosh.0, alongside Mema. As well, his "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!" video made a brief appearance onscreen at the beginning, and in the middle of the episode, Mema's "I LOVE NANCY GRACE!" video appeared onscreen.
  • On August 11, 2013, the L.A. Times confirmed that Michael and Mema would get their first reality show called Hollywood Hillbillies, while also confirming that Michael's real name is Michael Kittrell. The series aired on January 21, 2014 to mostly unfavorable reviews.
  • Michael also earned some media attention for a video campaign against bullying.[9]
  • Sometime in 2014, Michael has had a SoundCloud account.[10]
  • On January 12, 2015, on his Twitter account, Michael has stated that he believes that Kiss a Ginger Day is racist.
  • On February 6, 2015, on his Twitter account, Michael announced a film titled Ginger: The Legend of CopperCab in the works. However, there has been no official information.
  • Michael has had a account.[11]
  • On "DEAR MR. DONALD TRUMP," Michael reveals that his middle name is Tyler.[12]
  • On "Hi again! Big news! :)," Michael announced his first Internet talk show titled Good Evening, CopperCab.
  • On November 14, 2016, at 12:43 AM, Michael said on his Twitter account that if he ever has a daughter, he is going to name her Max.[13]
  • Sometime in 2016 or 2017, Michael has had a Rabbit account.[14]
  • Around the time of coming down in August 2016, Michael wrote a poem called "Dream Girl" on[15]
  • On July 12, 2017, at 7:07 PM, Michael said on Twitter that ever since he was a child, he wanted to be a gynecologist.[16]
  • On October 23, 2018, Michael started a GoFundMe campaign to repair his MacBook Pro.[17]



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