CopperCabRS is another YouTube channel, created by Michael Copper on January 10, 2011. It is Michael's second channel, the first being CopperCab. It was then followed by CopperVision.


The first video of CopperCabRS called "COPPERCAB RUNESCAPE VIDEO 1" was uploaded on the same day as the creation of the channel as an introduction to it.

3 weeks and 1 day later (on February 1, 2011), Michael uploaded "NEW Wild and Free trade are now back!!!!!", where he expressed his joy for the return of free trade and the Wilderness in RuneScape.

After a 1-year hiatus, Michael uploaded "THIS IS RUNESCAPE - INTRODUCTION AND EXPLANATION" on April 10, 2012, where Gray Shaw appears over a microphone of some sort to explain viewers' confusions about Michael's CopperVision video "RUNESCAPE DUELING" (namely why Michael was befriending the same person who hacked CopperCab). Michael also mentions that Gray will join him for future CopperCabRS videos.


CopperCabRS has received mostly unfavorable reactions from viewers and the YouTube community.

Despite this, the channel has received 5,000 subscribers and 288,000 video views, as of May 2017.


  • Despite CopperCabRS being Michael's second channel, Michael himself has claimed that CopperVision is his second channel. It is currently unknown why this is.



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